Used Medical Equipment – Considerations for a Purchasing Agent

Buying used medical equipment is a great way to expand or update a medical facility while keeping costs down. Modern equipment is an essential part of providing the most current and effective medical treatments. Equipment costs are at an all time high and may deter many private practices and small clinics from trying to expand their equipment inventory. Many savvy purchasing agents have realized that even in a strained economic environment, there are methods to procure quality medical devices at a fraction of the price.

Used medical equipment is 30 to 70 percent cheaper than new equipment, and is often of the same or even better quality. Buying used medical equipment is safe Used Medical Equipment and cost effective as long as the purchasing agent is willing to do significant research into the product being purchased and the qualifications of the selling agent. Used medical equipment often comes in three conditions and it is important to understand the difference.

The first condition type is “as is.” This legal term means that the seller is selling the item in its current state and the buyer is accepting the item with any current faults or imperfections. The seller is explicitly disclaiming any implied warranties and limiting their legal liability. A purchasing agent should research any product being sold in this condition, as well as, the seller of the product. If buying an “as is” product, it is best to know and trust the seller.

The next condition type is “cosmetically repaired” or “cosmetically refurbished.” In most instances, this condition type refers to used medical equipment that has been repaired to appear new or unused. Specific claims about the overall condition of the product would vary and it would be up to the selling agent to elaborate on the condition of the equipment.

The final condition type is “fully refurbished” or refurbished to “original equipment manufacturers specifications.” Fully refurbished equipment is the highest quality of used medical equipment and often comes with certain guarantees about the quality and condition of the equipment. Equipment that has been restored to original equipment manufacturers specifications is usually repaired and maintained by trained and certified biomedical technicians and engineers. Buying fully refurbished equipment is a great way to save money over buying new, but ensure that a piece of equipment meets original equipment manufacturers specifications.


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