Free Web Application Development for Your Business Automation

Web based applications run on web servers which are kept open to access when using the internet. This enables user to access the application from any computer connected to the internet. PHP and MSQL are high standard programming based technology used by both small medium organizations, activepieces they are also free open source projects where by anyone can download these packages and customize it according to their need.

Here are Some web based open source projects on PHP and MSQL currently used in different activities being discussed categorically on basis of functional requirement in organizing: editorlistings

1. Customer relationship management application; serves as communication aid between the customers and the clients and are also useful for executive travelers in the company. Vtiger and sugar plusiliminus CRM is ideal for small and medium business used without customizing.

2. Human relationship management application; this concerns management of people working in the organization. This is well suited with small and large organization which is designed and customized.

3. Enterprise resource planning application; these manages relationship with external entity. biztrophy It is needed to automate all boundary of establishment and it is a solution for web application.

4. Email services; this is a communication medium which is important in the company both internally and externally, sportis packages of these services are; sanidad squirrel and zimbra mail.

5. Help desk software; the development in growth of the organization employee brings about improvement in systematic process to solve and tackle issues. OTRS and HESK are businessresource two major web based Help Desk applications to automate help desk system efficiently.



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