Find Hundreds Or Thousands of Big Profit Generating Joint Venture Partners on eBay

Let’s assume you’ve heard about making money from arranging joint venture deals on eBay but you’re not sure how to get started. Let us also assume you have your own product or mailing list, kms auto you’re selling on eBay after all so that should be a foregone conclusion. Now let me tell you how to turn those assumptions into big profit joint venture deals on eBay.

You’re used to studying eBay selling categories and you should be familiar with searching eBay Pulse Pages and past completed auctions.

So almost certainly you know how to find other people selling goods similar to or complementary to those you are currently promoting on eBay. dryer repair san diego

All of which means your next step is to choose and communicate with potential partners and arrange joint venture deals that leave everyone happy.

Research shows the best joint venture deals work on a 50/50 profit share after overheads, fancy name so you should be generous with potential partners and refuse any that are stingy with you!

These are the simple steps involved: provrf

* You need some means of communicating with potential partners without making it obvious to eBay. So you study potential partners’ listings, you’re looking for email addresses which you’ll usually find at the foot of product descriptions or in About Me pages, even in Shop and listing headers.

Business sellers are obliged to give their physical address for product returns and you’ll find many include their email address also. Make a note of all that take your fancy.

* If there is no email address, you might use the ‘Ask seller a question’ option located right side of their listings, but make it a general question such as ‘do you take PayPal?’ even when it’s obvious they do. The reason is to stop eBay becoming suspicious and possibly terminating your account if your questions even smell of joint venture dealing.

When the seller replies his email will go inside your eBay account and also in your outside eBay email box. Do not reply from inside eBay where others might access to your emails. Instead go to your outside eBay account and answer the email there. themenu

Do not at this time offer your joint venture proposal. You’re still making checks on potential partners and you risk targeting rivals hell bent on reporting fellow sellers – for joint venturing from an original eBay based communication – and getting them barred from the site.

So just thank the seller for his reply or make any other appropriate comment and add his email address and name – personal and eBay ID – to your list of prospective joint venture partners. For more info please visit these sites:-


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